MOOC overview and links

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Here are the links from my talk today at the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis.

  1. Educause Library on MOOCs. Start your reading here.
  2. Peter Norvig: The 100,000-student classroom. TED video.
  3. Wikipedia entry on MOOCs. A very comprehensive entry including examples, history, etc.
  4. MOOC organizations
    1. EdX
    2. Coursera
    3. Udacity
  5. MOOC-List: Site with list of courses
  6. Huffington Post articles on MOOCs
  7. Inside Higher Ed — Technology news section
  8. Chronicle of Higher Education Wired Campus
  9. Massive (But Not Open). Story on Georgia Tech online $7000 computer science MS

State U Online

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Worth reading:

Mention online learning in higher education and the conversation quickly turns to the explosion of Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, and the opportunities for delivering quality education to the greatest number of students. Indeed, online learning is increasingly becoming a permanent fixture in higher education. But the nation’s public higher education system–the two-year colleges and four-year universities that educate the large majority of all college students–has been visibly slower to embrace the potential of online education. Many of these institutions were founded with a mission to serve their citizens, including those unable to attend in residence. Yet even as the technological means to achieve this goal reaches new heights, many public universities are shying away from the challenge.

State U Online examines the history of distance learning dating back to the 18th century when the U.S. Postal Service served as the primary platform for administering distance education (See advertisement below for correspondence shorthand course). As the need for distance education increased, so did the innovative ways in which it was administered. State U Online identifies the most common challenges to implementing successful distance-education programs, including cost, quality, and faculty buy-in.

Download Report: State U Online |

LMS Evaluation Checklist | ACT @ The University of Toronto

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From the University of Toronto:

In early 2013, we set out to find some LMS evaluation tools and checklists we could use to assess Open Course / MOOC platforms. We found several good ones (thank you to those who posted them publicly). We combined them into this single checklist of about 250 items, and we now given it back to the community for others who might find it helpful. We’ve put a CC-Share freely license on it, but you don’t really have to attribute it (but let us know if you find any obvious omissions or errors). Thanks, ati (at)

LMS Evaluation Checklist | ACT @ The University of Toronto.