4 thoughts on “College 2.0: A Self-Appointed Teacher Runs a One-Man ‘Academy’ on YouTube

  1. I agree with Mr. Kahn. Not everybody learns the same and his unconventional methods have already proved to be successful on some level. Doubters accuse him of possibly leaving people misinformed, but the infromation seems legitimate and students have benefitted from his lessons.

  2. I have used Khan academy and i must say its pretty helpful. The stuff that i could not understand in the classroom was broken down into pieces which is lot easier for me. Some people find clasrrom setting much helpful than online sessions. I guess it depends on what people like.

  3. I would have to say that this method of teaching may not fit everyone’s learning style, but for those that it does, I think it could be a good technique to use. Even if Khan makes a mistake while lecturing, I mean my professor do in class all the time and nobody criticizes them. This lecture being available and free of charge allows the viewer/student to become more involved and learn more because they can see what he does or catch mistakes and go back on something if they did not get it the first time. This is an option I wish I had while sitting in my lecture classes.

  4. I’ve seen my physics professor pull up Kahn’s Academy for some physics videos, and they were actually pretty good! I haven’t reviewed every video or anything but I think that if we try and share our knowledge with each other, given of course that we are verifying it to be correct before we spread it far and wide, we will all be better off. Kahn seems to believe in this idea as well, and I hope that more of us start trying to reach out and contribute to each other’s lives.

    We’re all here, and we all have to wrestle our way through life’s trials. Won’t it be a bit easier when we are all trying to give each other a leg up? Formal education is expensive and time consuming, and often hard to understand. I think that those of us who our out there speaking the common man’s tongue and communicating complex ideas in simple ways are doing valuable work.

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