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Dear IDT student,
You should follow this blog, to see announcements like below. Very handy to be able to read past abstracts (methodology, etc.) from all COE dissertations (including IDT). 
A few years ago I convinced our College of Ed. staff that a blog would be more effective for announcing defenses than our traditional practice of tacking up paper announcements on a bulletin board by the Dean’s Office.  They were initially resistant. Turns out the web is not a passing fad. In other words, if it isn’t on the web, it didn’t happen. 
Next logical step — broadcasting proposal defenses and final defenses via videoconference. I’m going to try to make this happen, but you should be demanding it (respectfully, of course). These are supposed to be public events — at least the presentation part. Unfortunately they are usually attended only by the student’s committee. A healthy department/college/faculty has broader participation in scholarly events than we currently have.

Dissertation Defense Announcement for Tracy McAllister


Major field of study: Instructional Design and Technology

Major Professors: Dr. Clif Mims and Dr. Carmen Weaver, co-chairs

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