Google Tools for Teaching and Learning

Google Sites Resources

Simple Overview of Google Sites

Google Sites: Wikipedia

A google site on “About Google Sites”


Narrated training course

Interactive online tutorial which explains concepts within Google Sites

Google Sites: Creating, editing and sharing a site

Sample Sites for Teachers

Help and Support
Help/Support/”How to” for google sites:
Web Master tools: site verification ??

Google Help Center for sites!forum/sites

Official Google Blog:


Mary Fran’s Getting Started with Google Sites:

Integrating Google Tools for Teachers

Many Sample Web pages

Slideshare Presentations: Google Site for teachers

Blog Post: 5 Ways to Use Google Sites in Schools

“How to”

Adding a Countdown

Add Photos, Add Graphics To Google Sites

Four videos on how to create a new Site, add various media to your Google Site, Change the Appearance of Your Site, and share your site

Has 11 video all related to google sites

Page-level Permissions and Digital Portfolios in Google Sites

Google tools Pros and cons

Google Teacher Academy


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