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Publish, Don’t Perish: #AECT Presentation by Reiser, Bannan, Hannafin, Ertmer, and Klein

Here are the slides from the AECT presentation described below:

Slides from the

The presenters during this session, each of whom has had more than 20 years of experience publishing research papers and editing and/or reviewing manuscripts for leading research journals, will describe a series of tips for how researchers in our field can improve the quality of the research manuscripts they prepare. Common writing errors and suggestions for how to avoid them will be discussed and other strategies for improving the quality of research manuscripts will be described.

Publish, Don’t Perish: Tips for Writing Research Articles and Getting Them Published Robert Reiser, Florida State University; Michael Hannafin, University of Georgia; James Klein, Florida State University; Peg Ertmer, Purdue University; Brenda Bannan, George Mason University.

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