I work as a consultant and project manager in a few areas related to instructional design, e-learning, and media production. I have listed a few recent projects below, and will be adding more details over time.

Recent Projects

2016-2017. U.S. Veterans Administration — Supporting Families of Deployed Personnel

I am working on a project with a team from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, for the Veterans Administration. We are creating a series of elearning modules that assist spouses and families of deployed military personnel. These family members experience many hardships and difficulties. Our project will be one piece the VA counselors can use to help these families. Within the team, I am the instructional designer, and web and elearning developer (working in HTML and Storyline).

2016. Cengage Crisis Videos

Dr. Richard James (expert in counseling education) contacted me to produce a revised version of the crisis counseling videos for the newest (2016) edition of his industry leading textbook. I produced these seven instructional videos in the spring of 2016.

2013. Wolf River Conservancy Instruction

2013. Video Production: Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence

The IDT video production team (Trey Martindale, Luther Bradfute, and Jay Brooksby) contracted with the Martin Institute to produce two videos. One was a live-action video about the role of the institute, and another was a motion graphics video promoting a Martin Institute conference. View the products below:

  1. About the Martin Institute (video)
  2. Conference advertisement (video)

2012. FedEx Instructional Design Seminars

2012. Instructional Screencasts: Web Tools for Learning

The purpose of this project (funded by IBM Corporation) was to create animated instructional videos for teachers to learn to use various popular Web 2.0 tools for instruction. View the videos below:

Storybird   Screenr   Prezi   Wordle   Evernote   Dropbox

2011. Crisis Counseling Instructional Videos

The video production team of Trey Martindale, Jay Brooksby, and Luther Bradfute contracted with publisher Cengage Publishing Inc. to produce eight live action instructional videos for University of Memphis Professor Richard James’ industry leading textbook on crisis counseling. The videos includes embedded quizzes and narrative from counseling experts, as actors portrayed common scenarios of persons in need of crisis counseling and intervention strategies.