Dr. Trey Martindale is Associate Professor in the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) program with the University of Memphis. He is a research scientist with the University of Memphis Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS), a collection of researchers from computer science, cognitive science, engineering, and linguistics who are creating intelligent tutoring and instructional systems of the future. He is also a Fellow of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, where he advises the university on online learning and improving instruction. He joined the University of Memphis faculty in 2005 after serving with the University of West Florida and with East Carolina University.

Dr. Martindale’s research and expertise is in the design and analysis of online learning environments. His work over the past few years has been toward addressing the question: “How do the affordances and constraints of the instructional strategies and tools in online learning environments influence what students learn?” There are four key components related to this question: 1) instructional content and nature of existing online instructional resources; 2) learner issues (satisfaction, etc.) as influenced by the learning environment; 3) how emerging social and networked tools can augment instructional strategies; and, 4) the use and contribution of informal, open learning resources and learning objects toward a “personal learning environment” (PLE). His research efforts have been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Department of Education, the Institute of Education Sciences, IBM, Microsoft Corporation, and the State of Florida.

Dr. Martindale has contributed to the creation of three fully online masters degree programs at three universities, and has developed numerous online courses. He has pioneered the effective pedagogical use of social software tools for enabling collaborative learning environments.

Dr. Martindale is an active consultant to companies and organizations seeking to improve their employee training and performance. Recent clients include FedEx, Cummins Engine Inc., the Wolf River Conservancy, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Memphis. He also leads consulting efforts within the university IDT program, directing IDT graduate students on instructional design and e-learning projects with clients in the Memphis region. He serves on the review board for Educational Technology Research and Development, Quarterly Review of Distance Education, and the Journal of Applied Instructional Design. He is in his third elected term on the Board of Directors for the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. He lives with his family in Memphis, Tennessee.