IDT Consulting and Project Management Course Resources — IDT 7078

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I really enjoyed teaching a new course this past summer, called IDT 7078 Seminar in IDT — Consulting and Project Management. The students produced some really interesting and useful projects, and you can see them all here. Essentially these are compiled resources around a topic area.

IDT 7078 Broad Areas and Topics – Google Docs

I conducted a series of interviews with experts in project management and instructional design consulting, and they are available here. Joe Thomas, Kevin Thorn, Jennifer Maddrell, Laura Wolf — all provided their perspectives on project management strategies, and working as a consultant.

IDT 7078 Consulting and Project Management – YouTube


Presentations by IDT faculty candidate Dr. Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw on April 26th

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As Chair of the ICL Search Committee, I invite you to presentations by Dr. Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw, a candidate for a faculty position in Instructional Design and Technology within the Instruction and Curriculum Leadership Department in the College of Education.

Her research presentation and discussion is at 10:10 AM, and her teaching presentation and discussion is at 11:15 AM, on Tuesday, April 26th in Ball Hall 320.  

Here is the full interview schedule for her time in Memphis.

Here is a page about the candidate (brief biography and planned presentations). 

Her website with her CV and related work is at

IDT students are invited to stay for a complimentary lunch with the candidate at noon in Ball 320. 

We are very pleased with the high quality of applicants for the IDT faculty position. At this time we plan to bring three finalists for on-campus interviews from among the 68 applicants for the position.

College of Education dissertation announcements and archives blog

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Dear IDT student,
You should follow this blog, to see announcements like below. Very handy to be able to read past abstracts (methodology, etc.) from all COE dissertations (including IDT). 
A few years ago I convinced our College of Ed. staff that a blog would be more effective for announcing defenses than our traditional practice of tacking up paper announcements on a bulletin board by the Dean’s Office.  They were initially resistant. Turns out the web is not a passing fad. In other words, if it isn’t on the web, it didn’t happen. 
Next logical step — broadcasting proposal defenses and final defenses via videoconference. I’m going to try to make this happen, but you should be demanding it (respectfully, of course). These are supposed to be public events — at least the presentation part. Unfortunately they are usually attended only by the student’s committee. A healthy department/college/faculty has broader participation in scholarly events than we currently have.

Dissertation Defense Announcement for Tracy McAllister

Major field of study: Instructional Design and Technology

Major Professors: Dr. Clif Mims and Dr. Carmen Weaver, co-chairs

Courses Open for Second Summer Term

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If you aspire to improve your skills in integrating technology into instruction, the second summer term begins July 9th, and you can enroll up through that day. The regular term lasts 5 weeks and “teacher” term lasts 3 weeks.

IDT is offering these three courses, all of which are part of the K-12 Technology Integration Certificate.

IDT 7061 Technology Integration in the Classroom with Dr. Grant. Computers and technology in the instructional process, including problem solving using computer tools; technological applications for the classroom; uses for technology in different content areas.

IDT 7062 Introduction to Computer-Based Instruction with Dr. Martindale. IDT 7062 provides students with opportunities to apply instructional design principles to the creation of technology-enhanced instructional environments. Emphasis is on the use of multimedia software to create instructional environments.

IDT 7064 School Change and the Internet with Dr. Mims. Issues, processes, and strategies relative to changes occurring with design, implementation, and evaluation of Internet technologies in instructional environments.

For more information, visit