IDT Conferences

Here is a “list of lists” of Conferences related to Instructional Design and Technology (IDT). Last updated March 2017.

  1. A 2017 list of “learning and development conferences in the U.S.“, with brief description, via The Training Aide.
  2. A 2016 ID and ed tech list of conferences from Patrick Lowenthal.
  3. This is a list of popular instructional technology conferences compiled by Richard Culatta of
  4. Clayton Wright annually compiles an extremely long and comprehensive list of educational technology conferences. It is usually published as a PDF. To find it, try this link.
  5. A list of e-learning Conferences world-wide on


On this Google Calendar you can find dates related to popular conferences for our IDT students. These include national conferences and some regional and local ones (Memphis region). I included the dates of the conferences themselves, and the deadlines for proposing to the conferences. You can subscribe to the calendar, and also embed it if you prefer.

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