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Updated March 2016.

I hope this list of job sites below is useful to you. Please add other resources below in the Comments section, and I’ll add them to this list.

First, from, an article on the career outlook for instructional designers.

My List of Job Search Sites

  1. This is the “jobs” category from the news site for the University of Memphis graduate program in Instructional Design and Technology. We post job notices here (mostly local and regional), along with other program news.
  2. ASTD lists job postings for instructional designers across the nation.
  3. From — lots of recent instructional design jobs in academic, commercial, and government environments.
  4. A job board from the Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT). Most of these are in e-learning. None are in education.
  5. Learning lists Jobs in Instructional Design and Technology
  6. Dennis O’Connor’s job listing and career help newsletter
  7. lists jobs for instructional designers, instructional technologists and trainers, etc.
  8. Browse instructional design and eLearning jobs on the Instructional Design Central job board. Find instructional design jobs in government, higher-education, K-12, non-profit, and private business sectors.
  9. View E-learning and Instructional design jobs all around the world on Blue Eskimo.
  10. Instructional Design and Technology positions in higher education across the United States via
  11. Here is a list of jobs in education, public and private sector for instructional designers via
  12. View e-learning, technical writing, and instructional design jobs via
  13. ID jobs from
  14. jobs in instructional design and e-learning:
  15. List of ID jobs on You can narrow your search by reviewing the salaries and job types.
  16. Interested in working from home? Here’s a board for Instructional Designer Jobs for public and private sector organizations on VirtualVocations. You can also chat live with an agent on this website.
  17. Search for home-based instructional design jobs in USA on
  18. Jobs2Careers lists jobs for instructional designers and instructional managers.
  19. Search for e-learning and instructional design jobs on
  20. has jobs posted for instructional designers and software developers. The website is frequently updated and has recent jobs posted.
  21. lists Elearning and Instructional Design jobs.

Other Lists of Job Search Sites

Professor Curtis Bonk from Indiana University has listed over 30 job search websites in Education Technology and Instructional Technology on

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