University of the People

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Interesting article about the University of the People. No tuition, and open access:

It is a grand vision: a global college with no tuition, accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

When the higher education entrepreneur Shai Reshef laid out his ambitious plan to build a free university that would use modern technology to spread the promise of a college degree to all corners of the earth, he got an enthusiastic reaction from some high-profile institutions. The United Nations has backed the venture. So has Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. Reshef and his lieutenants also like to mention the many letters of support and offers to pitch in from professors worldwide.

via News: A Great Experiment – Inside Higher Ed.

6 thoughts on “University of the People

  1. Wow. A University with no tuition? That sounds like a dream come true. I hope this becomes the future of all colleges and universities. The fact that it is online makes it even better. People with full time jobs can use their free time to do a little learning. Sounds fantastic and simple.

  2. This is a great idea to help people out who are interested in learning new things, but can’t find the time or money to take traditional college courses. The internet has opened so many opportunities to allow people to grow and discover what’s out there!

  3. I love this idea, however I feel that it won’t work due to our society being so individualistic and selfish. It would take so much time and communication to create, and I don’t think most nations would be willing to give that.

  4. This is a fantastic idea. It would be great for people who are interested in ‘knowledge for the sake of knowledge’. I am interested in seeing where this will go in the future.

  5. Education without tuition is a brilliant idea. I wish that could take place right now. I really that everyday is a learning experience for humans, we learn from one another. life brings in the up and downs and the flips in and out. life without and tuition is the gift that God gave every human. We learn from one another. Through books, texts, and clues.

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