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Today I talked with the IDT GSA about conferences and organizations in our field, and about preparing for and giving professional presentations. Here is the recording of that webcast.

Here are some resources and links that I mentioned.

  1. My list of lists of professional organizations in IDT
  2. My list of lists of professional conferences in IDT
  3. I just added my Google calendar of IDT events to the conferences page. There you can see upcoming events and calls for proposals, and deadlines.
  4. Here is a notef about IDT students presenting at AECT Louisville in 2012, and here are the presentation titles and descriptions.
  5. Other organizations I mentioned for IDT students were: Educause, SITE, AERA, and ISTE. You can find links and descriptions here.

Here is the past year’s call for proposals from AECT. And here is the AECT guide I mentioned about creating better proposals.

About conference participation

How to be a good conference participant. Another similar article here.


Jennifer Maddrell mentioned her interview with me about the IDT program. She mentioned that it had been accessed by 1600 visitors so far, so that was good to hear.

Jennifer’s site: http://designersforlearning.org and here is her contact form.

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